Simple, Easy, Transparent Pricing:

Budget Deals - Perfect for small business, start-ups and clubs:

One-off payment and includes

12 months hosting on our servers.

Weblease system, including support & 6 month updates. Fully inclusive monthly payment

Single Payment: £99.95 by PayPal / Cheque on order. (Does not include a domain name)

Initial payment of £ 80 by PayPal / Cheque on order. £10 by standing order for 6 months thereafter.

Single Payment: £119.00 by PayPal / Cheque on order (Includes .one x or .similar price domain name of your choice. (If available)

Initial payment of £ 95 by PayPal / Cheque on order. £11 by standing order for 6 months thereafter.

Single Payment: £28 by PayPal / Cheque on order

Initial payment of £ 15 by PayPal / Cheque on order. £3 by standing order for 6 months thereafter.

To upgrade any package to tone of our more expensive, “custom designed” sites, simply let us know.  We will upgrade the design with your input, additional photographs and graphics and let you know when you need to change your standing order to pay for the upgraded service.

To suspend or cancel completely, we also need 30 days notice.   All packages which include a domain name (and hosting only) include email hosting services.  Obviously if a service is cancelled or suspended (or unpaid) the email services will not work either.  

Other Services

Our “Top of the Range” designs will always need to be designed for the individual client.  That could include online booking (and availability) forms for hotels or caravan parks. Large online shopping sites with database-driven product content - or perhaps educational sites with discussion forums.  In any event, these need to be quoted on a client - by - client basis, but in most cases we are able to operate on a extended payment system to help your cash-flow.  Please contact us and we can look at whatever you need and give you an idea of costs and time scale.

Request a quote for a new website

Single Payment: £22 by PayPal / Cheque on order per update.

One update per 6 months is included in 1st year  without any extra charge.

Budget Packages

5 page site.  Landing page with name, contact details / form, other business information/details. “Contact Us” confirmation / thank-you page. Our Standard “Website Use Terms” and Disclaimer pages and your  “Business Terms” page.  

To keep within budget, you will need to supply any graphics you wish used and the text content of your landing page.  You will also need to let us have a copy of your “Terms of business” if you wish us to include this (i.e., if you need your customers to pay by cash, 30 days from delivery, if you accept debit’/credit cards, etc.)   

Extra domain names based on domain costs.

Updates / Changes to your site once designed and operational can be completed at a reasonable charge.  One update at 6 months is included in the weblease service, when you can change whatever you wish.  For changes to your site where you have made a simple, one-off payment for the design, etc., we make a nominal charge to cover our time to upload your new text and / or graphics.

VAT is NOT included in the above prices and will be charged at the current rate (presently 20%).    Our VAT registration number is: 208 4510 32