Domain Names - What 's in a Name ?


A very simple answer:



A "Domain name" is a word, or series of linked words that is used as a sign-post to find your website on the internet.


Thus: is the name that will take you to our own site - is the name that will take you to the main site of the photographer who provides all of our custom images - and or will take you to a couple of other sites which we have recently completed for clients.


The names are linked to a "URL" (Uniform Resource Locator) that actually signposts the domain - and the names are made available via various approved companies and organisations who sell the "Domain Names".  Of course, it's almost impossible to totally own a domain name for ever, in reality you simply rent it until you stop paying for it - then someone else can pick it up and make use of it.


Strictly speaking, nobody "Sells" domain names, but they are made available in exchange for a fee - and they continue to be available to you as long as you continue to pay that fee.  So, if you value your domain name, make sure you continue to pay your registration fee !


If you need to register a domainn name - or just want further information, please use our "Contact" form.