Q.  I already have a domain name, can I use this with the new website ?

A. Yes, you can transfer your existing name, our technicians will arrange this for you.

Q. Do we get an email service with our AFO Web Lease site ?

A. Yes, you get a full fully functional email system, tailor made to your commercial requirements.

Q. Do we get Internet Access from our office with Web Lease ?

A. No, you do not get an internet connection at your office, this should be arranged with your normal internet provider.

Q. What happens if we do not have existing Photographs, Graphics, Marketing and Publicity material ?

A. We can provide all of these for you if necessary – but we need your involvement and input with the text of any website, as it is designed to promote your business and therefore the marketing needs to reflect your approach to your “Customers”. Wherever possible, we prefer to take photographs and use text and graphics which are specific to your business.

Q. Can I pay for my website outright instead of using the Web Lease service ?

A. Of course. You can pay all the costs of designing and hosting the website, with the only future costs being annual hosting and any upgrades or maintenance that you may want - and if your website will be hosted on someone elses server, outright payment would be the only option anyhow.

Q.  Can I use “Stock Images” in my website to save money ?

A . We would prefer you not to use what is known as “Stock Images” on your website if possible, as these tend to make your site look as if it is a clone of thousands of other cheap sites viewable on the internet.  What it will not do is save you any money with your design and you will need to provide the copyright certificate in order for us to be able to use the image.

Q. So, how do I get the ball rolling ? What do I need to do to start the process of getting a new, professional Web Site ?

A. Simply click below

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