WebLease - What is it ?


A very simple idea really.


You (Your small business), needs a really swish website with your own logos, layout and photographs / images specific to the business so that you can effectively compete with anyone lucky to have a huge marketing budget.


Your ideal website probably has a total of about 40 pages, by the time you add up the "Contact" pages, the Landing Page, Terms and conditions, all the small print - and most importantly, the product and service marketing pages and links . . .  and by the time you start looking at the initial cost, it could easily start to climb over £1500 up-front design costs  . . . and you have not even started to get the photographs taken or the promotion sorted yet !


Our "Weblease" system is intended to help with that -

 Help to take the pain of a large up-font cost out of the equation !


For somewhere in the region of £280 once you give us the instruction to "Go Ahead" we will get your website designed around YOUR business, not a clone of somebody else.  We will get your business photographed and design graphics that fit-in with your existing marketing material.  Where you provide brochures and other printed material, we can build-in download links for your clients (and potential clients) to download PDFs of your documents.  This takes about a month to "Go Live" - and then we ask you to pay a regular monthly fee of about £110 per month for 11 months to cover all the design, build and photography costs which have funded "up-front" on your behalf - and - within that budget, you also get 3 updates and one photography re-fresh session about half-way through the year.


Can't be bad !


What's the catch ?


As far as we can tell, there isn't any !  No unfair terms. If you just want to keep your site ticking over after the 1st year without further updates, then it only costs you between £8 and £10 per month after the first year - although we would recommend that you maintain a regular refresh and update schedule to try and keep your site as high as possible on the Search Engine radar.


Just ask us for advice and a quote - we are here to help you !