Website Hosting - What is it ?


An almost simple answer:



Technically speaking, almost any modern computer has the ability to host a website.


When we are designing a website for clients, we test the sites on a local-host system to make sure they work before we put them "Live" on the World Wide Web.


So:  "Hosting" isn't just about having your website on a server somewhere, it also includes the servers connection to the "backbone" of the internet / WorldWideWeb and how the signposting associated to that server then allows - or hopefully encourages - the search engines and ultimate searches from your potential clients to find your website - with the ultimate aim to turn your visitor into a client spending money with your business or supporting your organisation.


We obviously host all our own sites, we host the sites for all the businesses and organisations we have designed for - and we also host sites for individuals who have built their own websites and for other designers for their own sites and those of their clients.


What we do offer is a "No-cross-sale-guarantee" - i.e.:  if you design sites for your clients and you want to use our hosting services to host and maintain those sites upon, we guarantee NOT to try and sell any services to those clients ourselves.


If you have any questions about Web Site Hosting and how we can help host your site - just ask us.