Weboriel.  The Web-design and hosting company from Llandrindod Wells, Powys, in the Heart Of Wales

Web Site Hosting

Probably about half of our clients already have their own websites and just required a few changes to their  existing site, or design their own sites from scratch.  We host many such sites for clients - so if you are looking for a company to host your existing site, if you are a club, individual or business who would like to design your own commercial site and have realised that the “Free” hosting companies ban any sort of commercial activity on the “Free” sites, then our prices and options should all be in our “Prices” section.


What we do NOT offer, under any circumstances, is the design and hosting of any sites of an “Adult” nature - i.e. Pornography - or which include what could be considered offensive images or text.  This could be sexually offensive, racially offensive or religiously offensive under UK legislation.   If you try and host this sort of site on our servers, your account will be disabled.